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Extreme Materials, Extreme Applications, Technology Benefiting the World - the company culture and brand conference of Koza Novel Materials was successfully held

Released on:2022-07-17 Content Source:KOZA NOVEL

On July 15, Koza Novel Materials held a company culture and brand conference with the theme of " Extreme Materials, Extreme Applications, Technology Benefiting the World", to interpret the concept of brand culture, reveal a new visual image, and help the enterprise build a first-class and pursue excellence with advanced brand culture. More than 190 people above supervisor level from Koza Novel Materials and external consultants attended the meeting. The press conference was presided over by Xie Xin, Head of Koza Novel Materials.

Chorus at the beginning of the meeting

At the meeting, Fu Luyu, Vice President of Management Professional Group, reviewed the whole process of company culture and brand consulting project of Koza from diagnosis and research, consensus discussion, refining and output, repeated polishing to final finalization from the aspects of "impression and change of Koza" and "why, what to do and what it is".

Fu Luyu reviewed the project history

Xie Xin, Head of Koza Novel Materials, explained in detail the understanding of company culture and brand concept from three aspects: culture &success of Koza, culture and brand interpretation, and landing measures, and deployed the medium and long-term landing plan of company culture and brand construction of Koza based on the strategic landing situation of the Company. Xie Xin said that "today is a unique festival belonging to Koza people. We should take this opportunity to "look back on the past, stand ourselves on the present and face the future". We are committed to "the global leader in advanced material solutions" with the mission of "extreme materials and maximum application". Koza people should be the "narrator", "inheritor", "demonstrator" and "practitioner" of brand culture, jointly promote the construction of Koza brand culture and radiate new vitality of the brand.

Xie Xin explained the ideas and measures of culture and brand construction

Four employee representatives from different departments, positions and years’ service of the Company recited the Product Declaration with both voice and emotion during the poetry reading session. Pictures represent the struggle of Koza for more than four years, and lines carry the recognition, understanding and action of Koza people on the core values of product.

Poetry recitation of the Product Declaration

Zhou Wen, CEO of Meta Think, explained the idea and connotation of Koza logo creativity. The unique design perfectly combines the beauty and degree of recognition of graphics, industry attribute and culture with the core of brand, reflecting the pursuit of Koza Novel Materials for solutions, scientific and technological innovation, green and low-carbon development. Subsequently, Deng Xueqin, Fu Luyu, Xie Xin and others jointly unveiled the logo of Koza Novel Materials in the witness of all participants, opening a new chapter in the brand image of Koza.

Logo Unveiling Ceremony

Deng Xueqin, Chairman of Koza Novel Materials, made a concluding speech at the Ceremony. Deng Xueqin said that Koza culture and brand are the bottom layer for Koza to "stand up", which affects our life state. We should use Koza strong culture and brand to create Koza taste, to change everyone's personality. Deng Xueqin stressed that "culture and brand are priceless treasures, which should be learned to dig, ponder carefully, slowly experience, absorb nutrients from them, and become their own winning weapon. This press conference is an ideological feast. The upcoming joint-stock company founding meeting will ready to be listed and will turn a new page for the development of Koza. In the future, the requirements of Koza will be higher and higher, and we will make towards new success with a more solid and steady pace."