human resource

Talent first

The Company believes that success will be realized with talents. If new business of Koza intends to quickly break through the market, the mature business should achieve the leading position in the market, and the core is the talent team; behind the difference of Koza product and the core competence of high barriers is the talent team. Koza insists on putting the construction of talent team first all the time, especially in the construction of talent team, willing to invest and continue to invest.

Employment mechanism

The Company always insists that opportunities should be tilted to the striver, and the following should be achieved:

Five priorities:

People who dare to challenge and complete the challenge

People who dare to face difficulties

People who grow up from the front line

A person who is good at cultivating people

A person who dares to criticize himself


Principles of talent team construction

The Company always adheres to the fundamental principles of "attracting talents with market opportunities, measuring talents with market performance, and training talents with market competition" and "respecting talents, but never accommodating talents".





Leading Team

It is one of the key factors for the successful development of Koza Novel Materials. The selection and training of leading teams is the core of the sustainable development of the Company in the future

Core Technical Talents

For businesses with technology as the core element, Koza recruits world-class top talents on a global scale


Recruit talents with high standards, require talents with high standards, train talents with high standards, and a high-level staff team will bring a high level of efficiency. High standards do not mean high Education background and high qualifications, but high-level professional practical ability and high-level professional disposition