About Us

The success of an enterprise is inseparable from a set of excellent company culture. Genzon Group is more willing to define the company culture as the "success logic" behind the enterprise. In the critical period of entering the new development level, Genzon Group has deeply reflected and systematically combed its own culture, formed the Genzon culture system in the new period, and established the strategic goal of system and competence of Genzon in Chinese.


Global Leader in Advanced Material Solutions

Koza stands at the forefront of the era of great change with the emergence of great opportunities, builds a new configuration of material development from a global perspective, attraction global leading talents, gathers global cutting-edge technology, and becomes the developer of global material technology and standards, the explorer of "depopulated zone" in the material field, and the leader of the development direction of the material industry.

Advanced Materials

Koza defines advanced materials as "from Having to excellent and from having to nothing". First, we should speed up the import substitution of basic materials and key materials to solve the bottleneck problem faced by China scientific and technological manufacturing industry; Then through independent R&D, improve and subvert the existing material technology, open new material categories, and climb the new peak of material technology.


Koza is not only committed to the R & D and manufacturing of advanced materials, but also committed to insight into application scenarios, forward-looking development of solutions around specific needs, through one-stop, customized services embedded in the clients' industrial value chain, and depth binding with clients, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results for all stakeholders relevant.


Extreme Materials, Extreme applications

Making materials to the extreme is the industrial pursuit and responsibility of Koza. It is also the basic premise for materials to be able to cope with many scenes. It is also the best choice and the only way for Koza to become a leader.

Ultimate Materials

From the perspective of action, Koza takes root in macromolecule materials, continuously invests and tirelessly explores; As a result, Koza is constantly pursuing excellence and surpassing the benchmark in terms of product performance parameters, scientific and technological content, quality technology, environmental friendliness, etc.

Ultimate Applications

The value of materials lies in application. We can promote economic development, scientific and technological progress and a better life by exploring diversified application scenarios. Koza challenges the performance limits of materials in known fields, breaks through the boundary of material application through innovation, creates infinite possibilities for entering more unknown application fields, and makes materials worth their money and make the best use of them by constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth new solutions.


Core Value


Product is the basic logic of Koza's success. All Koza people shall take products as the origin of decision-making and the yardstick of action, and carry out resource allocation around the whole life cycle of products, to boost Koza's success with the success of products.


Products are the fundamental carrier of enterprise value. Koza's products are not limited to materials, but also include solutions, platform resources, technology and services, as well as the work achievement of employees.


"Focusing on application, agile innovation, lean intelligent manufacturing, System driven" is the basic connotation of "products". Product R&D of Koza comes from the demand insight into the real application scenario. Led by innovation and rapid iteration, it improves product quality and reduces operating costs with intelligent manufacturing, digital operation and lean management, and drives the sustainable and high-quality growth of Koza through the joint efforts of front, middle and back-end Systems.