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Science and technology benefit the world - brand new concept of Koza Novel Materials was released formally

Released on:2022-07-19 Content Source:KOZA NOVEL

Founded in 2017, Koza Novel Materials is a national high-tech enterprise in the field of macromolecule materials, integrating R&D, production and sales. Koza Novel Materials has established a good reputation among clients in the industry with excellent product and client service.

Looking back the past, we know that professionalism is our duty and dedication is our heart. The combination of the two makes the brand more viable.

In 2022, Koza Novel Materials upgraded its brand concept "the world leader in advanced material solutions"

Brand Concept

Brand Positioning

Global Leader in Advanced Material Solutions

Brand Purpose

Extreme Materials, Extreme Applications.

Core Value



Global Leader in Advanced Material Solutions

Advanced materials: the advanced materials defined by Koza Novel Materials are from having to be excellent and from nothing to having. First, we should speed up the import substitution of basic materials and key materials to solve the bottleneck problem faced by China scientific and technological manufacturing industry; then open up new material categories, and climb the new peak of material technology through independent R&D, improving and subverting the existing material technology

Solutions: not only in the R & D and manufacturing of advanced materials, but also committed to insight into application scenarios, forward-looking development of solutions around specific needs, deeply exploring the industrial value chain of clients, and deeply bind with clients to achieve mutual benefit and win-win for all relevant

Leader: Koza Novel Materials is actively engaged in the era of great changes, seizing market opportunities, and constantly meeting the needs of clients through high requirements for the quality of product. Based on R & D innovation and technological breakthroughs, it has led the transformation and upgrading of advanced materials and become a global leader in advanced material solutions


Ultimate Materials, Best Application

Extreme materials: in terms of action, extreme materials show that Koza Novel Materials are rooted in macromolecule materials, continuously invested and tirelessly explored; as a result, we constantly strive for excellence and surpass the benchmark in terms of product performance parameters, scientific and technological content, quality technology, environmental friendliness, etc.

Best application: the value of materials lies in application. We can promote economic development, scientific and technological progress and a better life by exploring diversified application scenarios. Koza Novel Materials challenges the limit of material performance in known fields, breaks through the boundary of material application through innovation, creates infinite possibilities for entering more unknown application fields, and makes materials worth their money and make the best use of them by constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth new solutions.



Focusing on Application

Being Rooted in the demand scenario: all research starts from the clients’ demand scenario, and realistically excavates the pain points and application trends of clients.

Breaking through the boundary of application: exploring the infinite possibility of application of advanced materials and realizing the maximum value of materials

Innovating solution: closely focusing on clients’ application scenarios, improving the performance of new products of Koza Novel Materials, and meeting clients' needs

Agile innovation

Breaking the information barrier: integrating internal and external innovation resources to achieve information sharing and efficient collaboration

Insight into potential demand: analyzing the trend of technology evolution, grasping the potential market opportunities, looking forward to the layout, and cultivating capabilities and products for the new track based on the understanding of the law.

Fast validation iteration: fast iteration includes not only the upgrading of products and solutions, but also the optimization of innovation strategies and organizational methods, as well as the timely correction of ineffective innovation

Lean intelligent manufacturing

Leading products: achieving leading products and services through R&D, technological innovation, process and quality improvement, service quality and efficiency improvement

Adhering to ingenuity: the essence of lean is to pursue the ultimate and carry forward the craftsman spirit. Koza Novel Materials is deeply engaged in the field of materials, rigorous and pragmatic, pioneering and innovation, and makes the materials and solutions to the extreme

Digital intelligence empowerment: actively exploring and promoting the integration of intelligence and business, comprehensively empowering operation management, manufacturing and marketing, building a first mover advantage with digital technology, and laying a solid technical foundation for efficient creation of market value

System drive

Intercalation in clients’ value chain: deeply understanding clients' product direction, product application process and users’ needs, providing customized solutions for clients, coexisting and prospering with clients, and building a sustainable market ecosystem

Building capability closed loop: building agile R & D capability, accurate marketing capability, lean manufacturing capability, efficient parturition capability, and pursuing system efficiency

Strengthening the value chain: the matching degree and coordination between various links and various management functions, fully taking the advantages of the integration advantages of various capabilities, and focusing on the system efficiency for all improvements Du

Koza Novel Materials embodies quality from details, provides reliable materials, processes and technical guidance, and is committed to providing innovation, high-quality and feasible solutions to benefit social development and human happiness through one-stop, customized services embedded in clients' industrial value chain based on opening the whole industrial cable net, deepening application scenarios and product innovation.