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The training course PMC-Production Planning and Material Control was successfully completed

发布时间:2019-07-16 内容来源:科丽尔新材

From July 10 to July 11, the training course PMC-PRODUCTION PLANNING AND MATERIAL CONTROL was successfully held in Administration Building of Koza Novel Materials. Mr. Wang Guochao from Shanghai Shidun Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was invited to give lectures in this training, and a total of 54 employees participated in this training.


Training Site

Koza Novel Materials is committed to becoming a leader in the new material industry. For a modern enterprise, PMC belongs to the "Brain" of the whole operation construction of the Company. It plays a leading role in the core of the supply chain of "Production, Supply and Marketing" and is an important part that cannot be ignored. Mr. Wang Guochao Systematically expounded the practical application of PMC System in enterprises from the aspects of basic concept, role and positioning, demand prediction management, lean workshop scheduling, material demand planning management, effective controlling, etc. of PMC. In addition, the students learned about the specific implementation steps and great role of PMC System in enterprises through the sharing of relevant cases. The trainees effectively mastered the tool and methods of implementing PMC System, and deeply realized the importance of PMC in manufacturing enterprises Through the training.


Teacher Wang Guochao gave lectures

After the course, Mr. Wang Guochao awarded the completion certificate to the students and the prizes to the winning groups, and hoped that the students could start from the end of the course, take the end of the course as the starting point of practical application, and really apply the contents learned in the course to practical work.


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