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Koza Novel Materials 6S/ITPM lean management basic training was successfully held

发布时间:2018-11-09 内容来源:科丽尔新材

For further strengthen the effective management of people, machines, materials, methods and environment, effectively improve the company image and employee literacy, reduce the operating costs of enterprises, and promote the construction of 6S management system. On October 24, Koza Novel Materials carried out the 6S/ITPM lean management training, and 128 employees above the team leader of Koza Novel Materials participated in the training.

The scene is the market, and the market is on the scene. A standardized production environment is the prerequisite for the stability of product quality. Training from Toyota recall explained the importance of Toyota's on-site business philosophy and on-site management. Through the explanation of the development history and theoretical system of ITPM, employees can realize the significance of 6S/ITPM in improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, improving production environment and eliminating hidden dangers of production, as well as the intangible power to improve employee skills, improve employee awareness, gather strength and form a positive and enterprising company culture.


6S/ITPM is a whole process management activity with the participation of all staff. The will of senior managers, the promotion of middle managers and the participation of grass-roots employees are indispensable.


Why do you sweep the world without sweeping a house? Tidy up, rectify, clean up, release cutting, literacy and safety. 6S requires everyone to take responsibility, starting from bit by bit, from daily trifles, and from the foundation. The risk management manager explained the implementation methodology and key points of 6S in detail through the interpretation of theoretical knowledge and the display of many excellent benchmark cases. Through the on-site inspection of the new material production site, find out the problem points to be improved, share excellent cases and visual standards, domain three fixed management table, etc., and guide everyone to benchmark excellent companies to find improvement methods.

6S management is a method that can ensure production safety and improve production and work efficiency; 6S is also a kind of quality, which can cultivate the consciousness of saving, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and reduce production costs; 6S management is a kind of spirit, which can improve the mental outlook of employees and create a positive and enterprising cultural environment.