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"Global Vision, World Pattern, Science and Technology Benefit the World"- the landing and relocation ceremony of Koza Novel Materials Headquarters in 2021 came to a successful conclusion!

Released on:2021-09-29 Content Source:KOZA NOVEL

The Landing and Relocation Ceremony of Koza Novel Materials Headquarters was successfully held on the 41/F of Building D1, Shenzhen Science Park on the morning of September 16. Xie Xin, Vice President of Koza Novel Materials, and more than 700 people from Koza participated in and witnessed this historic moment.

On the same day, the surrounding cultural atmosphere of the Company was particularly festive. Flower baskets, colorful balls, huge theme posters and flags set off each other and converged into a sea of celebration from the elevator to the office area. The site layout of the Landing and Relocation Ceremony was orderly and cheerful. Everyone was immersed in the joy of celebration.


At 11:00 a.m., Xie Xin, Vice President of Koza Novel Materials, presided over the Landing and Relocation Unveiling Ceremony and delivered an opening speech. Xie Xin reviewed the four-year struggle and the hard and difficulties of Koza Novel Materials with all participants. Today's remarkable results can't be achieved without the joint efforts of every Koza people. Xie Xin said that, the theme of the Landing and Relocation Ceremony was "Global Vision, World Pattern, Science and Technology Benefit the World". Koza Novel Materials chose a path of scientific and technological innovation, which is the only way out for future scientific and technological development and the inexhaustible driving force for Koza Novel Materials to make forward, and it is also the way for Koza Novel Materials to survive. This Relocation is a new starting point for the future struggle of Koza Novel Materials. We should promote scientific and technological innovation from a global perspective and help the development of new materials with the world pattern.


In the cheers of the salute, Deng Xueqin and the leaders of Koza Novel Materials jointly unveiled the new Headquarters in Shenzhen, opening a new chapter of Koza Novel Materials in applause and cheers!


The executives and colleagues of Koza at the activity site and video side jointly held a Champagne Pouring Ceremony, raised their glasses together, and celebrated, wishing Koza Novel Materials to prosper and expand their ambitions.


The leaders and employees who participated in the activity took group photos one by one. The atmosphere was warm, shouting distinctive slogans and posing handsome and cool posture, expressing their determination to win in the future development.



From a new start, a new starting point, a new journey, the blueprint has been drawn, and the struggle is at the right time. The Company will take this Relocation of the Headquarters as an opportunity to stand at a higher starting point, with a vision, shoulder the mission, unite as one, make forward firmly, start from our new talents in Koza, strive to improve market competitiveness, and be always ready to meet new challenges and make innovation and brilliance!

Looking forward to the future, Koza Novel Materials will be based on an international perspective, taking the “Global Leader in Advanced Material Solutions” as the long-term vision, “Extreme Materials, Extreme Applications” as the enterprise mission to establish a world-class new high-tech enterprise.